Licensing and Access

LIV Contract Sale of Land and Vendor Statement s32 are now provided as a single transaction use and the property address watermarked.

There is also an unlimited use option through our modules.

All other forms are licensed for 6 months and modules are 12 months.


Forms licensed on elawforms are not Word documents. If you need Law Institute of Victoria Word documents you can read more about it on the Lawsoft website.

Law Institute of Victoria - Property
Document Name Code Expiry Action Details
ELIV101 Purchase the Vendor Statement s32 and Contract Sale of Land together as a combo and receive a discount.
EVIC020 A landlord must provide this information brochure and a copy of the proposed lease to a person as soon as they enter into lease negotiations with that person.
ELIV100A Purchase the Contract and Vendor Statement s32 together as a combo and receive a discount. Just add the Vendor Statement s32 to cart before or during checkout.

Significant users may purchase unlimited 6 month licences online.